About the corporate:

The African Scholars’ Fund started once it saw a gap for quality education throughout the social policy years of apartheid. Today, they assist by financially helping learners from poor families with secondary/high school and TVET college education fees.

The fund aims to contribute by means of financial donations towards student’s college fees, uniforms, and transport fares. The ASF doesn’t stop at providing funding, they conjointly mentor, inspire and nurture their recipients till their studies are fully completed. they’re entirely centered on student’s well-being by watching and providing feedback on their educational progress – keeping in regular contact with bursars.

Fields covered:

Bursary awards are granted to students inside ALL fields of study, for those who pursue their studies at a FET college, N1 – N6 qualification, and other practical courses.

The bursary covers registration fees and course fees only.

Minimum requirements:

  • South African citizen
  • 25 years or younger
  • Completed Grade ten with Science and Mathematics
  • Currently studying or intend on studying on a full-time basis at  FET college
  • Studying currently in college, and have achieved a minimum average of 50% for all exams and tests completed.

How to apply:

Download and complete the form.

Completed application forms and documents should be submitted by post to:

PO Box 294



(No faxed or e-mailed applications are considered).

Closing date:

First semester: thirty-one October 2020.

Second semester: thirty-one May 2020.

First trimester: thirty-one October 2020.

Second trimester: thirty-one March 2020.

Third trimester: thirty one July 2020.

(please apply before the deadline to make sure your application is taken into account.)

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