CICI & ASSOCIATES is a legally registered entity which has accreditation from Ballsbridge University (BU), a private University charted by the Commonwealth of Dominica (North America) with an accreditation framework regulated by the Board of Quality Standards International (BQS) which is the signatory body of the CCLP Worldwide Education Charter with Consultative status in the UN Economic Council. CICI and Associates want to have a positive impact on society through continual innovation and education, research, creativity, and making university education possible and fashionable for all.

CICI and Associates offer online studies in all fields up to doctoral level, RPL (saqa and UK accredited up to bachelor’s degree and masters respectively) through the partners, such as Ballsbridge University, Dtmsi/Ftmas, Finstock Evarsity College, Zifundise, and DPA (pty) Ltd.


Meet the team:

Prof Dan Sandi who is the President of CICI and Associates is on the list of Professors of Ballsbridge University International.

Above: Dr. Prof Ntsokolo Dan Sandi (CICI and Associates president)

Above: Dr. Prof Siphokazi Portia Mzimane(CICI and Associates Secretary)

Read more: about Adjunct faculty and professors-At the Ballsbridge University. Which is the quality of Accredited Education. Click on this link to read more

Partners and Affiliates:

CICI and Associates have connected with many institutions in South Africa and all over the world. Here are some international connections to CICI and Associates. CICI and Associates is also a partner or subscriber to some of these institutes:

  • Norwich University
  • Civicus World Alliance for Citizen Participation
  • Dilisvai Of World Veterans Federation
  • Finstock Varsity College
  • University of the people
  • University of South Africa
  • COL Unity currently led by King Lobengula Foundation
  • Vezokuhle Health and Welfare
  • Unicaf University
  • Flames of Fire Ministry and Seminary
  • Ecci and Ecu of TIBU of BU
  • NDS Foundation
  • Ebeneezer Training and Coaching Christian University( an affiliate of CICI of BU)
  • WacScu
  • Masibambane African Action Group
  • Business Tech
  • World Association for Academic Doctors
  • Open University
  • QS Top University
  • Bible Archeology Society
  • International Council for Distant Education
  • Careerkick SA
  • University College London
  • African Diaspora Network
  • Khan Academy
  • The king’s University
  • The network of Concerned Historians
  • World Bank
  • Academy of Contextual Metaphysics of RU
  • Bircham University
  • Siphile Development Agency
  • International Development Association
  • Quora
  • Israel Bible Center
  • Global Christian Forum
  • Federation of Christian and University Colleges
  • Ikwezi Research and Development Institute
  • International Union of Tenants
  • Immanuel University of Theology
  • African Union
  • Nepad
  • CHEA
  • Cufce
  • Inqaahe
  • BU
  • International Domestic Workers Federation
  • Docsa and it’s Mt Zion University
  • Bayview printing and internet (082 772 9327)
  • L & L Traders and Legal Advisors (073 472 9038)
  • Miska Innovative Technologist
  • Shaldex Protocol(alternative medication)


The facilitator for CICI and associates is Ftmas, read more about the institute here:

Faculty of Technology, Management, and science

CICI Bible School is a division of CICI and Associates and is known as WAC-SCU Bible Academy affiliated with Faith Bible College as one of its over 113 global campuses.

The global facilitator of CICI and Associates is FTMAS, which is an institution that incorporates DTMSI, which is recognized by the South African government and Global organizations.

Advisory board to Cici and Associates:

Cici- Ballsbridge University has an Advisory board which is chaired by Bp Dr Prof JB Freemantle who is also chair of Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leaders Forum with Dr RN Ruka as secretary plus the following members:

  • Bp Dr. Prof Goniwe
  • Prof N Bilitane
  • Prof V Mqela
  • Dr. X Ndamase
  • Rev A Mzizi
  • Dr. S Zinganto
  • Dr. MJ Konono
  • Dr. B Rulashe
  • Prof J Mbesi
  • Prof PS Ngqezana
  • Dr. Bonita Edwards
  • Prof. Hendrik Fourie
  • Dr. Rev M Mzileni
  • Bp Dr. Prof N Singo
  • Dr. Ps P Pango
  • prof Z Magxwalisa
  • Ps Dr. Deborah Nakal Monyeki

Cici-BU(Ballsbridge University international, 7 old street, Roseau, Dominica.) Governing board consist of Cici co-directors (Prof ND Sandi and Prof SP Mzimane)President and secretary of Cici- BU are exofficio members since together they constitute the governing board.

Process of application:


  • You will be required to submit a detailed CV, then, CICI will advise you which professional body you may join.
  • CICI will also advise you on how to go about it if you have failed matric.
  • CICI will give detailed advice as to how to fight human rights disputes.
  • CICI’s experienced team will also advise you on development and business implementation strategies
  • They also offer strategies of how to secure funding for your programs or projects and even how to publish a book in any field for young authors.
  • CICI and Associates are planning to have Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees on Civic education and Community Engagement, and the Certificates will be issued by Ballsbridge University of which CICI is an accredited affiliate.


University scholarship:

CICI and Associates partner, Ballsbridge University, offers a scholarship (Prince Thomas scholarships) to people who want to study. This scholarship is for people all over the world to attend the Ballsbridge University for furthering their studies. This scholarship will cover between 50% and 60% of tuition funding.

To qualify for this funding, you need to come from a low earning country as specified from the World Bank data (South Africa being one of them). Students from advanced countries might qualify, provided they are unemployed and must show proof of social services benefits for 12 months. The aim is to educate those who can’t afford it, through a dream of Prince Thomas.

Apply for a scholarship: View and apply for the scholarship here

Common Q and A

Question: Is Ballsbridge University genuine and are its courses recognized in India?

Answer: Yes, Ballsbridge University is charted and recognized by the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Source ( )

The Advisory council- Board of quality Standards (BQS)

find it here:

Study and Affiliate centers to Ballsbridge University:


Is Ballsbridge University genuine and are its courses recognized in India?






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Ballsbridge University physical presence, recognition, accreditation links are given below:


  1. Ballsbridge University is chartered and recognized by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. BU is a legitimate and self-regulating awarding Body with an accreditation framework duly chartered and legally empowered to function under the statutory laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica with Reg. No. 16184 and a Certificate of Good Standing as per the COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA LAWS. BU is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and the quality manual is regularly audited by BQS.


Certificates are provided!


  1. Ballsbridge University is recognized by the UN and listed on the United Nations Civil Society Registry under academics and its in pursuance of the Consultative Status with the UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs.


  1. Ballsbridge University is recognized by French Ministries in France. The University is fully registered into “Prefecture” and INSEE with a “Siren” N° as Institution (Listed with French National Gazette as Higher Independent Institution in France).


Résultats de recherche




Insee − Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques


  1. Ballsbridge University is recognized and a basic member of the Accreditation Agency Curacao AAC (Dutch Caribbean Ministry of Education). It is a constituent country (Dutch: land) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


  1. Ballsbridge University is Recognized and Accredited by the International Accreditation Organization IAO 2015-2025. IAO is an international quality assurance agency for Quality assurance in education. IAO is collaborating with several ministries of education around the globe.


  1. Ballsbridge University is Recognized and an Accredited Affiliate of the California University FCE, USA commissioned by some Regional and National Accredited Universities in the USA to do curriculum and education programme evaluation. The Board of CUFCE has evaluated the curriculum of Ballsbridge University as the equivalent of the regional and national accredited Universities in the USA. Ballsbridge University students can apply for the equivalent certificate from California University FCE, which is nationally and regionally accredited in the USA.


  1. Ballsbridge University is recognized and accredited by the Board of Quality Standards (BQS) and also BQS is the Monitoring Board of Ballsbridge University, which Promote Education and transnational education issues, accreditation, and Quality assurance and provides a statement of comparability of foreign education provider to that of the European Qualification Framework. The BQS is a quality management certification body for ISO standards complying with the accreditation requirement of ISO 17021.


BQS – Monitoring Board of Ballsbridge University


BQS – Quality Management Certification Body for ISO


BQS – Member of INQAAHE


BQS – Recognized and listed by the European Registry


BQS – Signatory Body of CCLP Worldwide Education Charter


BQS – Consultative Status with UN Economic Council


BQS is a member of INQAAHE, the only recognized accreditation agency by the Ministry of Education in all Countries.


Board of Quality Standards (BQS) is recognized and registered with the EU commission register European Parliament Transparency Register ID Number: 726510419569-85. The European Parliament

“Adjunct Faculty and Professors – Ballsbridge University, Quality Accredited Education, Promoting Lifelong Learning and research, MBA, Ph.D. DBA. ..”

How to contact CICI and associates:

Visit CICI and associates at

Dr. Prof Siphokazi Portia Mzimane
Phone or WhatsApp: 073 6413 883

Fax: 086 718 0488

Dr. Prof Ntsokolo.Dan Sandi

phone or WhatsApp: 062 477 4047

Address: c/o Riverside Drive Bluewater Bay, 6210, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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