December Jobs at clicks pharmacy:

“The Clicks Group recognizes that the appointment, lateral transfer, and promotion of its human capital is critical in achieving sustainable business growth and is committed to ensuring that all employees are enabled to realize their potential and to meet their career aspirations”.

That is the mandate of the clicks group. Many people have wondered how to find employment at clicks, we have a solution o it.


How to apply:

  • Candidates have the opportunity to apply for open vacancies by submitting their CV for positions advertised on the online recruitment system.
    Click here to apply for a job.  Candidates may also register their CV on the online recruitment system at any time and set up job alerts to ensure they hear about new positions as they become available.  Click here to register your CV.
  • For other General work in the clicks groups, candidates are advised to apply on the PNET website of clicks. Click on the provided link to apply online, in various province
  1. Shop Assistant / Cashier Festive Casuals X2- Clicks Irene

  2. Learner Basic – Tembisa Mall

  3. Shop Assistant / Cashier X2- Clicks Irene Village


Closing dates:

Note that there are different dates for application. Check the closing dates on different job posts to apply for.

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